Outsourcing 2.0 – Keys to Outsourcing Success


When you start thinking about the daunting task of outsourcing a software development team, you may wonder where to begin researching. Accelerance has taken care of the research for you, by evaluating and qualifying thousands of companies. We have a proven process that we even trusted for ourselves. Our CEO, Steve Mezak, gave a presentation at DevWeekNY about Accelerance making the vital choice of a software development company in days, not months. He also references his business fable, Outsource or Else, that he co authored with Andy Hilliard. Yes, we wrote the book on this. We are able to offer a free download at the conclusion of this blog. Continue reading to learn the 7 Keys of Software Outsourcing.

Key #1 Great developers are everywhere

There are software companies all over the world. Previously, personal referrals were used to select a software outsourcing company. The dilemma with listening to you colleagues is that there are over 5,000 outsourcing companies with some having over 10,000 employees.

Steve recommends using the 5% rule to find the optimal company to use:



Your development team size should be >5% of the number of developers employed by your software outsourcing partner

Key #2 Focus on your vision

What is the business purpose for your app? Having clear objectives will help you best choose your software development company.

Accelerance uses Rapid Referral, a sophisticated spreadsheet that includes 200 points of criteria. The clients desired criteria are entered and our partners are then ranked on a scorecard for our clients.

Key #3 In-person investigation is critical

Traveling to the site will give a true insight into the company’s process. The most effective outsourcing companies are good at recruiting your team and have a knowledgeable discovery process.

Key #4 Quality matters as much as price

Choose the team based on technical skills, not just the price. However, the most expensive company is not necessarily the most experienced or best quality. Steve explains in the video that Accelerance chose a less expensive company over a more expensive company for their higher quality output.

Key #5 Think like a partner and embrace cultural differences

It is crucial to remember that each country has different cultures and communication styles.

In India, a “no” might be spoken as “that will be difficult,” as Steve shared in the video.

If you are doing the interviews for developers, you want to make sure the person fits in with your company culture. Will their personality (IQ and EQ) fit?

You also want to make your company marketable. What are the best aspects of your company culture? You’ll want to establish this.

Key #6 Relationships are important

It is imperative to remember your outsourced software company is an extension of your team.

Key #7 Everything you invest in hiring a good outsourcing team will have 3X ROI

You must put time and effort into considering the best quality fit for your team to earn the highest ROI.


For questions about how you can use the 7 Keys to Success, contact Accelerance today!

To hear Steve’s presentation, view our Youtube: Outsourcing 2.0 – Keys to Outsourcing Success

We wrote the book! Download Outsource or Else here: Free Ebook


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