Leader of the Week – LOA

I was voted leader of the week for week ending 2/11/17. When a leader in the office earns this title, they create a morning meeting for Friday. The meeting is meant to be a narrative that relates in some way back to the field.

LOA stands for Law of Averages. In our business, it is the concept that the more businesses you see, the more likely you are to make a sale.

In my meeting, I discussed the popular TV show, Shark Tank. I mentioned a company that had been three years in the making before landing a deal. The product was cricket flour. As I glanced around the room, I was getting squeamish faces. The creator walked away with a deal.

The pitches to get to Shark Tank were an example of LOA, for it took years to stand in front on that room.

The LOA doesn’t stop there.

The sharks make deals all the time, but that doesn’t mean the contract goes through behind closed doors. Sharks only see the surface of the companies/products they are pitched. The finite details do not come out until after the show is aired. The sharks are also playing with a numbers game every deal they make. There will always be deals that fall through or fail. The more companies and products the sharks invest in, the better chance they have at making a lucrative deal.

Holiday Bonus

During the month of December, my office held a contest to win a holiday bonus check of $500.

I work in direct marketing in the Charlotte area. My territory is currently Rock Hill, South Carolina, with over 1,500 businesses. Each day I drive to that territory, check on current customers and generate my own leads.

The competition involved custoner acquisition and customer retention. Each category had its own point value.

Based on the scoring I won the 2016 Snowflake Showdown!

Working in Queen City

My last few weeks in Morgantown passed by in a few blinks. I graduated mid May and started my new job mid June.

I chose Charlotte as the city to truly start my career in. The opportunities are much more abundant than they were in my hometown. To search jobs, I used Indeed and LinkedIn. I made the six hour trek south multiple times to take interviews.

I chose a position with Charlotte Marketing Consultants, an I.C.L. that does B2B sales. I do direct marketing for one of the nation’s leading office supply companies.

The position has given me the opportunity to travel to three cities over an hour away from Charlotte and two closer to home. When in town, I have a set territory to be in to acquire new customers.

When meeting possible customers, I introduce myself and the company I represent then perform pricing presentations utilizing the promotions that best fit their needs.



A group of Account Managers that were promoted to Corporate Trainers.

Monitoring Media

Hootsuite would be the best fit for my client. The free features allow a user to schedule posts and monitor their streams. With some of the posts planned for JK Around Consignment, using a monitoring tool would be useful and worth the time. I am recommending the free tool because their social media use will be so new. With the number of likes and followers low, it will be sufficient to not have the pro version. It is appropriate to use the monitoring tool now, so that once there is more engagement, the user will be comfortable with Hootsuite.

For example, posting ‘outfits of the day’ (#ootd) could be time consuming to plan out one by one. An amount of time could be set aside to make multiple outfits using the clothing in the store. Pictures would be taken of the outfits to use at different times. The pictures could be uploaded to the computer and the scheduled to post on certain days.

The campaign has been successful. As mentioned, JK Around has virtually no social media presence at the moment. Doing anything would be an improvement, but I have implemented strategies to help create awareness and bring customers to the store.

Social Media Advertising

JK Around Consignment


The platform to best reach the target market is Facebook. That is also the social media most heavily used by the competition. Only seeing competitor’s ads will make the competitor more salient in the customer’s mind.

For the first advertisements, I would want the message to reflect the season of spring. I always see the phrase of ‘spring cleaning’ and that would be cohesive with taking clothes to a consignment store. Focusing on getting new inventory would have the store stocked as people come in to consign their clothes.

Another set of ads could feature some of the best clothing received and have a message along the lines of “new arrivals!” This could entice shoppers to come in and find their own unique piece of clothing.

I personally see their competitors’ ads around once a week, so I think that would be a good frequency to post ads.

I believe the client would be able to budget for an ad. This would be much cheaper than creating a whole new website (they do not have one). Having ads on Facebook would help generate likes more quickly.

Selling with Snapchat



Social media platforms range from the popular Facebook, to yesterday’s news, Myspace. Many users of social media have more than one profile. I think that Snapchat is an emerging platform.

Snapchat allows the user to post real time pictures and videos. Companies are starting to take notice of its popularity and are sponsoring filters. There celebrities who boast their own accounts to give fans a glimpse into their luxurious lives.

Just Kidding Around Consignment store could utilize Snapchat to show new clothing they just received and are putting out for purchase. This would work well for any popular name brand clothing or rare pieces. Using Snapchat would be a way to reach teens that will hopefully then use pester power to get their parents to the store. Snapchat is very simple in that you do not have to write a long body of copy, or anything at all. It is a way to show products in real time.


Small Business Social Media

Social media

Graphic made for this post


If you actually take a few minutes to take in your surroundings while walking down the street, you will notice almost everyone peering intently at their phones. Being connected to a phone gives easy, on the go access to social media platforms. Ask yourself, is someone more likely to visit a business they can casually research online, or one they can’t seem to find on the internet anywhere? Social media is here to stay, so it is a great option for a business to make itself known.

I think Facebook might be the easiest platform to start with. Facebook makes it easy to post pictures of the delicious food you’re serving, outfit ideas of the clothing you’re selling, or events you’re hosting. Facebook does not have a miniature character limit (Twitter), so having conversations can be long and personal.

With likes and sharing, someone could notice your business because of a friend’s interaction with it. It’s like everyone is helping market the business for you. I think that Facebook has the broadest audience.

Once a business owner is comfortable, they can move on to other platforms to expand their reach even further.


Do Us a Flavor


*Not an official picture of the campaign, self created

When thinking of viral marketing campaigns, images of crazy flavor combinations come to mind. Lay’s has the “Do Us a Flavor” contest to create buzz and engagement with their brand. Inviting consumers to create their own flavor allows the company to learn what their customers want. I’m not a fan of potato chips, but this grabbed even my attention. Every year I wonder which flavors will make it to the top. The 2015 winner created Southern Biscuits and Gravy.

I believe the campaign has been successful in multiple ways. The company caught a break by not having to create their own flavor, and increased ad awareness. The campaign used celebrity endorsements, multiple social media platforms, and crowd sourcing.

This was an effort to appeal to a younger audience while creating an emotional connection. Using the social media helped develop relationships and conversations between the brand and consumers. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

For statistics and more information view: https://storify.com/deecee0/did-lay

Marketing Competition


In October, I participated in my third WVU Marketing Club Case Competition.

U92-FM was the business that the teams needed to create solutions for.The teams are given only one day to create and present a strategy.

I had a team of two, for we had two girls quit on us the morning of the competition. We did not let this discourage us and got straight to work. Our passion for music kept us excited to help this not for profit business.

We decided to focus on collecting psychographics and creating engagement. Here are just a few of suggestions we gave the radio station.


  • Create surveys using Qualtrics and Survey Monkey
  • Have 140 employees distribute using social media
  • Make online streamers fill out a survey before they listen


    • Partner with a new local music venue, Mainstage Morgantown
      •  Have a student showcase
    • 15 Seconds of Fame Game
      • Someone calls in and has 15 seconds to sing, do comedy, or play an instrument
      My team placed third. With that, I have now placed in two of the three competitions I have competed in.