How-to Be Yourself: 90 Days of Quotes #2 — The Hustle How-to

I knew from the very start that Gary Vee would end up on this series. The man is an anomaly. He is a key player in shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. He offers crazily valuable content at no charge. The content he creates has been essential to my transition into writing and […]

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Holiday Bonus

During the month of December, my office held a contest to win a holiday bonus check of $500.

I work in direct marketing in the Charlotte area. My territory is currently Rock Hill, South Carolina, with over 1,500 businesses. Each day I drive to that territory, check on current customers and generate my own leads.

The competition involved custoner acquisition and customer retention. Each category had its own point value.

Based on the scoring I won the 2016 Snowflake Showdown!