Not linked with customers

My client does not currently have a Linkedin page. For being a small clothing store, I do not think this would be a beneficial site to attract customers. I see many retail stores post about their strategies and job openings along with posts that don’t always seem to try to attract customers. The owner could use it to her advantage to gain insight about running a store, social media tips, and other advice Linkedin Pulse offers.

In the “About Me” section I would recommend emphasizing Just Kidding Around is a local small business. Some professionals are eager to help others grow their business and network. I would post that the store is new to using social media and open to suggestions. Someone into freelancing might be interested in taking over the social media to add to their experience (much like this assignment, but on a bigger scale).

As for posts, Just Kidding Around could share their story from over the years of staying in business. There must be many things working because the business does not use social media, but is still flourishing.

Clothing Crisis


Consignment stores do not have a steady flow of inventory. They do not have a manufacturer or wholesaler on speed dial to ship the latest fashion trends. I think a possible crisis would be having low inventory for the current season. You must always keep customers coming back to shop, and bring in their excess clothing to consign.

To avoid having low inventory, consignment needs to be encouraged at each check out. There could be various sales pitches such as “You can earn your money back by cleaning out your closet and bring us ____ season clothes” or “I love your choices today, I bet you have a great wardrobe at home. Stop by if you clean out any clothes for the ____ season.” These general sayings could be customized by the associate working at that time.

This specific store accepts clothing Thursday-Saturday all day long. This differentiates them, for some consignment stores only take clothes if you schedule an appointment. Saying no appointment necessary will allow the consignees to come in at their leisure.