Selling with Snapchat



Social media platforms range from the popular Facebook, to yesterday’s news, Myspace. Many users of social media have more than one profile. I think that Snapchat is an emerging platform.

Snapchat allows the user to post real time pictures and videos. Companies are starting to take notice of its popularity and are sponsoring filters. There celebrities who boast their own accounts to give fans a glimpse into their luxurious lives.

Just Kidding Around Consignment store could utilize Snapchat to show new clothing they just received and are putting out for purchase. This would work well for any popular name brand clothing or rare pieces. Using Snapchat would be a way to reach teens that will hopefully then use pester power to get their parents to the store. Snapchat is very simple in that you do not have to write a long body of copy, or anything at all. It is a way to show products in real time.


Small Business vs the Super Bowl

Small BusinessVSThe Super bowl

The Super Bowl is so popular with advertising, some people only watch for the advertisements (myself included #mktgsuperbowl). Some small businesses do not have even a fraction of what an ad would cost. Social media can help them grab attention without spending anything.

A clothing store could take pictures of merchandise in their store that match the teams’ colors. Using colors and not licensed items will keep costs low because it will be merchandise already in store. On the day of the game, my store could post using hashtags for the teams playing, asking shoppers to share their look. I enjoy when a business uses humor, so they could say something like “We couldn’t afford a Super Bowl ad, but here is our Youtube video.”

One huge event for a clothing store would be the back to school season. For a consignment store, I think the end of a school year is a second important event.


Consignment Campaign

Just Kidding Around


For my project, I am leaning towards a local consignment store called “Just Kidding Around.” This business has been open for years in Westover, WV. It has survived over the years despite barely having an online presence. The store carries consigned clothing from toddlers, teens, to adults. The store will also take books, purses, backpacks, and shoes. They have two tanning beds as well. Their Facebook page only has a few posts since 2014 as seen here

Competitors are appearing all over Morgantown, with two consignment stores on the Mileground. A store called Plato’s Closet will soon be opening in an area near to Just Kidding Around. Plato’s closet already has post saying when they will be accepting clothes and that they are looking to hire. The competitors are better using social media to engage with customers. They pay for ads on Facebook and some have their own websites with email lists. They appear to be more successful in attracting new business.

The variety of clothing differentiates Just Kidding Around. I will want to highlight that this is a store that you can find clothing for the whole family. The store accepts clothing for consignment multiple days. I will mention that every brand sold is very affordable. A pair of designer jeans will be closely priced to a pair of regular jeans.

I would want to post pictures of possible outfits from clothing currently on hand. I could also use a combination and show mom/dad/kids outfits. Having an email list will alert customers of sales along with being able to share what season of clothing will be taken for consignment.