Social Media Advertising

JK Around Consignment


The platform to best reach the target market is Facebook. That is also the social media most heavily used by the competition. Only seeing competitor’s ads will make the competitor more salient in the customer’s mind.

For the first advertisements, I would want the message to reflect the season of spring. I always see the phrase of ‘spring cleaning’ and that would be cohesive with taking clothes to a consignment store. Focusing on getting new inventory would have the store stocked as people come in to consign their clothes.

Another set of ads could feature some of the best clothing received and have a message along the lines of “new arrivals!” This could entice shoppers to come in and find their own unique piece of clothing.

I personally see their competitors’ ads around once a week, so I think that would be a good frequency to post ads.

I believe the client would be able to budget for an ad. This would be much cheaper than creating a whole new website (they do not have one). Having ads on Facebook would help generate likes more quickly.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Advertising

  1. I love this idea! I always do spring cleaning with my clothes because I always come across ones I haven’t worn in so long or I probably never will again, and usually end up throwing them out or giving them to a friend. Maybe these ads will encourage others to do some cleaning and donate!!


  2. Did you design that ad yourself? I think it’s a great ad. Moreover, I think appealing to the “spring cleaning” aspect of getting rid of used clothes is a smart idea! That idea encourages people to visit the store while getting rid of old clothing. Great job!


  3. I love the idea of using spring cleaning as a way to bring new items into the store! As Lauren said, I too find clothes that I haven’t worn in a while and I know other people experience the same. I think seeing these ads will remind people that they have another option when deciding on what to do with their clothes.


  4. I think that this idea of spring cleaning is great, just like the others said I also have clothes that I haven’t worn in a while that I would be willing to contribute. This ad is also very descriptive and well done and I think that it could be used as an actual ad in the advertising field.


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