I am going to discuss an app, a subscription, and a website in this post. These are my opinions and this is not sponsored.


There are times you peer into your overflowing closet of WVU gear, trendy tops, and fancy dresses and realize you have too much for one person. There is an app that can help you clear out while making money!

Poshmark allows users to browse name fashion and accessories while selling items from their own closet. This app is a safe way to sell clothes, for you don’t have to meet up with anyone in person. Once another Posher buys your item, the app sends you a prepaid label, then you ship your garment to a new home! It truly is that simple. Once the buyer approves your item (confirms they received it) you get the money on your Posh account, which you can then direct deposit to your bank.

You can earn a $5 credit (start shopping!) by downloading the app and using the code BJUDQ


I was recently gifted an Ipsy subscription. It is a subscription based service that sends beauty products every month. It’s always a surprise, I can’t wait to receive my first bag. If interested, you should get your own!

Course Hero

Previous internship photo.

Previous internship photo.

Course Hero is a way to share personal notes and study guides. By sharing resources with others, you get access to their notes as well. You can also make flash cards on the site. They are in a partnership for Books for Africa, so every 10 documents uploaded by students equal 1 book donated to a child abroad! If studying better while helping children is of interest you can sign up at:


What a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Looks Like Today

Interesting way to get noticed!

Marketing Tips

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For small business owners, guerrilla marketing tactics have long been one of the best ways to get noticed in a crowded marketplace without breaking the proverbial piggy bank. The term “guerrilla,” in this instance, refers to a small team of professionals who are using unconventional or irregular tactics in their marketing campaigns, especially when compared to what larger organizations are doing.

At its core, guerrilla marketing is a way for businesses to promote themselves in a way that’s both unique and cost effective. These campaigns aren’t focused on shouting a marketing message from the highest rooftop. Instead, they’re designed to boldly attract the attention of customers in a way that’s hard to ignore.

The Definition of “Unconventional” is Constantly Changing

While guerrilla marketing, in general, has been around almost as long as traditional marketing, the form these campaigns take changes every so often. In the early days of the Internet…

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Purpose & About Me

To me, blogs are much more personal than a resume or site such as Linkedin. I want to show that I am more than someone begging to be hired (although as a senior college student, let’s face it, I am). For a more serious, but color site of mine, please visit:

I enjoy photography, though I am not a professional at it. I just like to overuse any camera I can get my hands on to. My last memory card on my phone had 3,000+ pictures… I own a Nikon DSLR 5100. That purchase excited me because a) I saved and saved for it and b) I FINALLY have a nice camera.

Sunset at Dewey Beach, DE

Sunset at Dewey Beach, DE

Traveling has always sparked an interest in me. Spending almost 22 years living in one state is enough motivation to have the desire to see more. I have only been on vacations and small road trips, but I still enjoy exploring somewhere other than Morgantown.

I am an animal lover. I think it is ludicrous to spend hundreds of dollars on a ‘pure bred’ anything. There are far too many animals in shelters in need of homes. Where I currently live only allows cats, and I’m more of a dog person. So no pets for me at the moment, except for my golden snail. I swear it is the real life version of Turbo (see: super speedy cartoon snail with the voice of Ryan Reynolds).

My sister's rescue dog.

My sister’s rescue dog.

I hope to update the blog regularly throughout this semester.