Small Business Social Media

Social media

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If you actually take a few minutes to take in your surroundings while walking down the street, you will notice almost everyone peering intently at their phones. Being connected to a phone gives easy, on the go access to social media platforms. Ask yourself, is someone more likely to visit a business they can casually research online, or one they can’t seem to find on the internet anywhere? Social media is here to stay, so it is a great option for a business to make itself known.

I think Facebook might be the easiest platform to start with. Facebook makes it easy to post pictures of the delicious food you’re serving, outfit ideas of the clothing you’re selling, or events you’re hosting. Facebook does not have a miniature character limit (Twitter), so having conversations can be long and personal.

With likes and sharing, someone could notice your business because of a friend’s interaction with it. It’s like everyone is helping market the business for you. I think that Facebook has the broadest audience.

Once a business owner is comfortable, they can move on to other platforms to expand their reach even further.


Do Us a Flavor


*Not an official picture of the campaign, self created

When thinking of viral marketing campaigns, images of crazy flavor combinations come to mind. Lay’s has the “Do Us a Flavor” contest to create buzz and engagement with their brand. Inviting consumers to create their own flavor allows the company to learn what their customers want. I’m not a fan of potato chips, but this grabbed even my attention. Every year I wonder which flavors will make it to the top. The 2015 winner created Southern Biscuits and Gravy.

I believe the campaign has been successful in multiple ways. The company caught a break by not having to create their own flavor, and increased ad awareness. The campaign used celebrity endorsements, multiple social media platforms, and crowd sourcing.

This was an effort to appeal to a younger audience while creating an emotional connection. Using the social media helped develop relationships and conversations between the brand and consumers. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

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