Monitoring Media

Hootsuite would be the best fit for my client. The free features allow a user to schedule posts and monitor their streams. With some of the posts planned for JK Around Consignment, using a monitoring tool would be useful and worth the time. I am recommending the free tool because their social media use will be so new. With the number of likes and followers low, it will be sufficient to not have the pro version. It is appropriate to use the monitoring tool now, so that once there is more engagement, the user will be comfortable with Hootsuite.

For example, posting ‘outfits of the day’ (#ootd) could be time consuming to plan out one by one. An amount of time could be set aside to make multiple outfits using the clothing in the store. Pictures would be taken of the outfits to use at different times. The pictures could be uploaded to the computer and the scheduled to post on certain days.

The campaign has been successful. As mentioned, JK Around has virtually no social media presence at the moment. Doing anything would be an improvement, but I have implemented strategies to help create awareness and bring customers to the store.

Social Media Advertising

JK Around Consignment


The platform to best reach the target market is Facebook. That is also the social media most heavily used by the competition. Only seeing competitor’s ads will make the competitor more salient in the customer’s mind.

For the first advertisements, I would want the message to reflect the season of spring. I always see the phrase of ‘spring cleaning’ and that would be cohesive with taking clothes to a consignment store. Focusing on getting new inventory would have the store stocked as people come in to consign their clothes.

Another set of ads could feature some of the best clothing received and have a message along the lines of “new arrivals!” This could entice shoppers to come in and find their own unique piece of clothing.

I personally see their competitors’ ads around once a week, so I think that would be a good frequency to post ads.

I believe the client would be able to budget for an ad. This would be much cheaper than creating a whole new website (they do not have one). Having ads on Facebook would help generate likes more quickly.

White Labeled

0White label social networks give companies the chance to share their information uncluttered by anyone else. They do not have to compete for the users’ attention with someone else.

I believe white label social networks are best suited for bigger companies with multiple employees. Though I would not recommend a costly white label social network for JK Around Consignment, I do have ideas of what it could be.

I would want the store to create a branded app. The app would be used by consignors that go to the store.

I would want the app to be able to do two simple tasks:

  •  Allow users to post pictures of clothing they are going to take in to consign
    • ‘Advertising’ will help the store and the consignor
  • Allow JK Around to post information about the season of clothing they are looking for as well as sales

I would reach the target market by posting about the app on Facebook, Instagram, and have a QR code in the store.

Keeping it #AerieReal

American Eagle has their own intimates line named Aerie. Similar to the Dove’s “Real beauty” ad, Aerie celebrates more relatable females in their advertising. Aerie is using their social media to target their demographic of 18 to 25 year olds. The company has stopped photoshopping pictures that they post. The article shows two Instagram post screencaps of happy looking female models who are not retouched with average bodies.

Social media is instant and fosters engagement with consumers. Posting “real” pictures shows their customers that anybody can look good in the Aerie products. Over the past two years, Aerie has made the news for their type of advertisements. They have created a hashtag #AerieReal that encourages girls to be happy with their bodies. Aerie claims that their inspiration came from consumers saying they wanted to see girls they could relate to. Their approach is much different than that of their rival, Victoria’s Secret PINK. That brand uses their slender models with retouching. There is nothing wrong with being skinny, but PINK uses only skinny models.

The article cites that there are statistics showing that more females use social media than males. This could explain why “there’s such a hunger now for authenticity and for representing the female experience in a more genuine way.”


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