The Work of a Student Ambassador

Last spring, I applied to be a WVU Business and Economics Student Ambassador for this semester. I was then accepted.

The responsibilities of ambassadors differs with each event. The overall goal is assist potential students in the decision of what college to go to and to answer any questions they may have.

My first event was Discover WVU Day. We were all given navy blue polos to wear in order to be easily picked out from the crowd of people. Flexibility was key, for the morning schedule was changed the day before the event. This effect rippled to tour guides, professors, ambassadors, Mountainlair employees, bus drivers, and more. All things considered, I believe the event was successful.

The ambassadors were strategically placed throughout the Business and Economics building. A wave of families started flowing through the doors coming to the registration table. Some were already adorned gold and blue, as if WVU was their choice. (What we love to see!) After their name was collected, we motioned everyone down the stairs to the third floor. Here, there were refreshments and pumpkin treats before the introduction.

Starting out the event, students and their guests went into a big lecture hall to get an introduction to B&E. Afterwards, there was a break out session. A panel of ambassadors then went into a lecture hall and waited for the high school seniors to come ask questions.

I was ecstatic that a potential marketing major came into the Q&A session. I shared the experiences I have had thus far in school. I mention projects involving Twitter and social media to display how current the major is. Being the PR chair, I also plugged our WVU Marketing Club.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!

A portion of the ambassadors.

A portion of the ambassadors.

Most younger students are utilizing some type of social media. To play into this, WVU related accounts used the hashtag #VisitWVU



Overall, I feel as if this position is rewarding. I have a small part in one of the biggest decisions in these young students’ lives. I would recommend any student that is passionate about WVU B&E to apply.