Monitoring Media

Hootsuite would be the best fit for my client. The free features allow a user to schedule posts and monitor their streams. With some of the posts planned for JK Around Consignment, using a monitoring tool would be useful and worth the time. I am recommending the free tool because their social media use will be so new. With the number of likes and followers low, it will be sufficient to not have the pro version. It is appropriate to use the monitoring tool now, so that once there is more engagement, the user will be comfortable with Hootsuite.

For example, posting ‘outfits of the day’ (#ootd) could be time consuming to plan out one by one. An amount of time could be set aside to make multiple outfits using the clothing in the store. Pictures would be taken of the outfits to use at different times. The pictures could be uploaded to the computer and the scheduled to post on certain days.

The campaign has been successful. As mentioned, JK Around has virtually no social media presence at the moment. Doing anything would be an improvement, but I have implemented strategies to help create awareness and bring customers to the store.

One thought on “Monitoring Media

  1. I agree, something affordable like Hootsuite would be best for your business. I believe that by creating your social media plan the ideas you have implemented will bring success to your company!


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