Leader of the Week

In early November, I was voted leader of the week at CMC. This is based on amount of days spent training/interviewing Account Managers, profit made, and overall performance. For speeches, we relate something inspirational to the field.

I shared an anecdote about a cartoon artist who worked hard for years only to have one of his characters and team of artists taken away by the wording of a contract. He could have given up at this point, as he was left with nothing. He persevered and went on to create… Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney had a tough start, but he created an empire.

Relating this to the field, I reminded my peers that every “no” given by a business is just a signal to move on to the next one (getting them closer to someone who will say yes). Confidence cannot be bothered by a “no.” One must keep a positive attitude and keep pushing on throughout the day. Giving up means that you will not have the ability to ‘build an empire that day’ (make a sale).

Selling with Snapchat



Social media platforms range from the popular Facebook, to yesterday’s news, Myspace. Many users of social media have more than one profile. I think that Snapchat is an emerging platform.

Snapchat allows the user to post real time pictures and videos. Companies are starting to take notice of its popularity and are sponsoring filters. There celebrities who boast their own accounts to give fans a glimpse into their luxurious lives.

Just Kidding Around Consignment store could utilize Snapchat to show new clothing they just received and are putting out for purchase. This would work well for any popular name brand clothing or rare pieces. Using Snapchat would be a way to reach teens that will hopefully then use pester power to get their parents to the store. Snapchat is very simple in that you do not have to write a long body of copy, or anything at all. It is a way to show products in real time.


Do Us a Flavor


*Not an official picture of the campaign, self created

When thinking of viral marketing campaigns, images of crazy flavor combinations come to mind. Lay’s has the “Do Us a Flavor” contest to create buzz and engagement with their brand. Inviting consumers to create their own flavor allows the company to learn what their customers want. I’m not a fan of potato chips, but this grabbed even my attention. Every year I wonder which flavors will make it to the top. The 2015 winner created Southern Biscuits and Gravy.

I believe the campaign has been successful in multiple ways. The company caught a break by not having to create their own flavor, and increased ad awareness. The campaign used celebrity endorsements, multiple social media platforms, and crowd sourcing.

This was an effort to appeal to a younger audience while creating an emotional connection. Using the social media helped develop relationships and conversations between the brand and consumers. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

For statistics and more information view: https://storify.com/deecee0/did-lay

Marketing Competition


In October, I participated in my third WVU Marketing Club Case Competition.

U92-FM was the business that the teams needed to create solutions for.The teams are given only one day to create and present a strategy.

I had a team of two, for we had two girls quit on us the morning of the competition. We did not let this discourage us and got straight to work. Our passion for music kept us excited to help this not for profit business.

We decided to focus on collecting psychographics and creating engagement. Here are just a few of suggestions we gave the radio station.


  • Create surveys using Qualtrics and Survey Monkey
  • Have 140 employees distribute using social media
  • Make online streamers fill out a survey before they listen


    • Partner with a new local music venue, Mainstage Morgantown
      •  Have a student showcase
    • 15 Seconds of Fame Game
      • Someone calls in and has 15 seconds to sing, do comedy, or play an instrument
      My team placed third. With that, I have now placed in two of the three competitions I have competed in.